Welcome to this blog. I have been contemplating writing a blog for some time now. Very often I find myself in dialogue with a number of people, brothers and sisters in Christ, both in our own home-based fellowship as well as on-line with others at a distance… sharing spiritual wisdom, insights, counsel and advise.

These various dialogues, along with my own meditation, study and conversations with the Lord form the basis of what is shared on his blog. I hope and trust that what is written will edify, stir and challenge the reader to examine their thinking, as I am being challenged continually, as we progress on this journey toward metamorphosis.

May you be stirred by what you read, blessed by what you hear, have the courage to challenge my thinking in return, take the time to discern the Spirit and the have the grace to respond in the same Spirit in which it is offered …that we all might be edified and grow thereby, and ultimately be transformed by what/Who we see. On the lighter side, I will also share interesting happenings, videos, photos and other items of interest that will hopefully bring a smile to your face, a chuckle or make you even laugh out loud.

Why the title, Enroute to Metamorphosis? I felt to title it this because we are all being changed, transformed from one state-of-being into another, whether we realize or want to acknowledge this or not. I believe that every human being is created by God in His image and likeness which is at the most foundational level spirit, soul and body. Each and every one of us will eventually find our origin and our destiny in God who is a spirit and we are being transformed from this earthly state; a spirit dwelling in a physical body, to return completely back into Christ who is total spirit now having a glorified body. All of us are at various levels in this journey back into the Father and enjoy various depths of awareness of our own spiritual condition. He calls us, not only to embrace Him and the glorious change that calling brings, but to proclaim to others who He is and that He has a plan for all others as well. I trust this blog will be just that; a declaration of who HE is, what His plan is for us, His own, stirring us ever onward and upward in this journey through metamorphosis.

Please don’t hesitate to share your spontaneous and thoughtful feedback. I am not interested in entering into debate, but always enjoy and encourage life-giving dialogue that is founded in a deep desire to discover and uncover the mystery that is “Christ in us, the hope of Glory!” Be blessed!


5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Tim, I am a friend of Diana Summers and have been watching her website come to life. You have done such a great job on it – what a talent!

    I really like the spirit of your website and desire to be put on your email list. If you send snail mail I would love that too. I am pretty much housebound at this time due to severe Fibromyalgia and diabetis, so I love mail. I do go shopping with my husband but a lot of times I sit in the car and wait for him ~ just being together as much as possible is a comfort.

    I wish you both a very Happy New Year, blessed in every way. I think this will be an interesting year.

    Thank you and be very blessed, Margie Lewis (husband is Billy)

  2. Kitty Pace says:

    Tim, aparently I had not put a dot or something in my e-mail address but wanted you to have it so am giving it again. I have read all you have posted and they pretty much go along with what I have been given. For now he has me living one day at a time never making any decisions and leaving it all up to Him, as we are taken into Him, yes even swallowed up. The hope of Glory is in Christ in us but the Glory is in us in HimThis is taking place now as in this new day He brings the reality of being in Him and also the 8th day circumcision as He cuts away from us all things of the world . WE followed hIm in that as he was in the world but not apart of the world , so we were not a part of the world. Now we begin to walk in the fact that as he even before His death on the cross came to the state He was not in the world but in God , so now we follow Him in to Him so that we no longetr are in the world. I enjoy hearing what you are receiving from Him. much love in him, Kitty

  3. provision147 says:

    Dear Kitty,

    Thank you for your recent comments. I very much appreciate your feedback and that you bear witness to what I am sharing. He is most definitely speaking through many in this day, like a Voice of many waters, and is drawing His elect from the four corners of the earth!

    I developed and maintain Elaine Cook’s web site converting and posting her Gospel of the Kingdom letters each month. I noticed your name appearing on the latest letter and thought, “Is that the same Kitty that has commented on my blog?” Sure enough!

    I tried to respond to your first post by e-mail but as you said your address is not properly displayed on my blog site. Please send me your exact e-mail address by sending me an e-mail to tmoores@provision-graphics.com.

    Thanks and bless you!

  4. the best blog that i have seen today. keep posting

  5. Anonymous says:

    My precious brother

    I bless God for your faithfulfillness, servanthood, manifestation of Christ and friendship.

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