Swallowed Up

August 23, 2007

Recently, my wife and I watched and were stirred by the movie; Freedom Writers* with Hilary Swank. If you haven’t seen this movie, you really must see it. It’s a powerful, inspirational movie based on a true story of a teacher who gets into the minds and hearts of hurting teens in one of the first integration schools in AmericaIn light of the story line and the role that this teacher was playing in transforming the lives of her students, I felt the Lord ask me the following soul-searching question, “Tim, what really makes you tick?”

Through my own God-ordained set of trials and difficulties in my life, God has made me to be sensitive to the needs of others around me, and has given me a drive to serve people in whatever capacity I am able. Whether it is at a very practical level such as assisting with a computer problem or at a deeper, spiritual level like counseling an individual or couple through their own questions or issues, I am intent on seeing their challenges resolved. I also don’t waste much time or energy tip-toeing around an issue, but head as quickly as possible to uncover the heart of the matter. This has proven to be a key to much of my success in all areas of my life and vocation.

As I pondered the question that God had placed into my heart, my initial and spontaneous response was, “Well Lord, I do get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing a problem solved or a satisfied loved one, friend or client and to be honest I do like the accolades that a good job brings.” I immediately sensed His loving, but rather forceful scolding, “Is that it!? You like to receive a pat on the back? Is THAT what makes you what you are and causes you to sacrifice your time and energy for others? My son, it goes much, much deeper than that!”

“Is it not because I have/am transforming you into My very image and likeness? Is it not because I have/am giving you my very divine nature, my character? And what is my nature? Is it not to set my creation free? That ALL might be ultimately free from problems, hindrances, issues, division, sadness and bondage of all kinds to come into the glorious liberty of the sons of God?”

“I AM what makes you tick! My Life that resides within you! Your life is being swallowed up into Mine! I have/am becoming your Wisdom, your Peace, your Strength, your Motivation, your Rest! It is my very substance within you that makes you ‘tick’! RIGHT!?”

Needless to say in that very few seconds of revelation He opened the eyes of my heart once again to remind me of Who He is and who I am in Him! I was instantly broken. I wept as I thanked Him for His loving and gracious work of redemption, salvation and transformation as I realized afresh that it isn’t about me embracing the King and His kingdom, but it is all about Him embracing me, and the kingdom of God taking possession of me. I am being swallowed up by HIS Life…… praise the Lord… I AM POSSESSED! Hopefully you are too!

Bless you! 

Scripture references:  
Rom. 8:20-21, 1 Pet. 1:4, 1 Cor. 1:30 and 15:54, 2 Cor. 5:4, Col. 1:29 Col. 3:3

* http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/freedom_writers/