Embracing Our Mission

Anyone starting a business, corporation, not-for-profit organization or cause of any kind begins their journey by discovering and articulating their Vision, their Purpose and their Mission Statement. They are told by wise and knowledgeable strategists that their ultimate success heavily depends upon fully knowing and embracing their mission and keeping their vision clearly in mind at all times.

As God’s people, His sons, do we know what our mission is? As we come to understand it more clearly in these darkening days, are we willing to be prepared to embrace HIS mission for us?

The word “Mission” has been stirring in Reg’s heart from some months, or even years now, and in light of all that we have been seeing and hearing from all over in terms of world events, there is an ever increasing sense that Father is serious about His mission for a People who He is calling to be a blessing to the nations.

In the following messages, recorded during our Friday night fellowship group, Reg Rygus lays a foundation for understanding and embracing our mission. In these audio tracks you will also hear the discussion that this challenging word stirs as we discover application in our current lives and experience.

We hope you will be encouraged and challenged to embrace your mission.

Left CLICK the links below to listen. You can save it to your hard drive by right-clicking on the link and selecting Save Target As.

Possessing The Land – October 24, 2008
–   Accompanying Notes

Preparation for Possession – October 31, 2008
–   Accompanying Notes

Image of Nations – December 5, 2008
–   Accompanying Notes

God’s Great Expectations – December 12, 2008
–   Accompanying Notes

Duty of Service – December 19, 2008
–   No Accompanying Notes

Modes, Minds, Mouths and Mission – Also December 19, 2008
–   Accompanying Notes

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One thought on “Embracing Our Mission

  1. I certainly agree with you here, you have highlighted a crucial point. Our purpose is our life compass which guides us on what career path to follow and ultimately also guides our decisions in life. If there is anything we should ever work to discover it is our life purpose.

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