Marriage, Mountain Climbing & The Olympic Games

The following is what I shared at the wedding reception of our eldest son, Brian, who was married to Lindsay, his best friend of eight-and-a-half years on August 11th. =================================== Like many, if not most of you, we watched the coverage of the 2012 Olympic games. We watched enthusiastically as athletes passionately pursued their OlympicContinue reading “Marriage, Mountain Climbing & The Olympic Games”

Build It Right The First Time

Last January the younger of our two sons, Justin, was married to his best friend, Sarah. I was invited to share something during the wedding ceremony. The following is what I sensed Father would have me share. The next post is what I sensed to share at our elder son’s wedding just a few weeksContinue reading “Build It Right The First Time”

Embracing Our Mission

Anyone starting a business, corporation, not-for-profit organization or cause of any kind begins their journey by discovering and articulating their Vision, their Purpose and their Mission Statement. They are told by wise and knowledgeable strategists that their ultimate success heavily depends upon fully knowing and embracing their mission and keeping their vision clearly in mindContinue reading “Embracing Our Mission”

Life is a Series of Transactions

It is my firm conviction that we ought to seek out the heart of a matter rather than settle for the outward appearance of things. To me, the issues of life flow out of the heart and in my experience so often what gets communicated, much of the time, simply serves to cover up whatContinue reading “Life is a Series of Transactions”

What is the TRUE Gospel?

The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, descended from the realm of God the Father to become the Word made flesh, was crucified, buried, resurrected, ascended and was glorified. By so doing He became the offering for sin, overcame sin, death, hell and the grave to becomeContinue reading “What is the TRUE Gospel?”

You Have Called Me To BE

YOU! You HAVE! You have CALLED! You have called ME! You have called me to BE! You have called me to be Light, salt, life and Love! You have called me to be a Son, a saint, a servant and a source! You have called me to be a disciple, a priest and a king!Continue reading “You Have Called Me To BE”

I Saw Jesus Outside Second Cup

I mentioned in my last post that I attended a wonderful concert by Steve Bell with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra last weekend. The Winspear was sold out with likely mostly Christians, a number of whom gathered at the Second Cup for a tasty latte before the concert about a block from the evening’s venue. IContinue reading “I Saw Jesus Outside Second Cup”

His Dwelling Place, Always and in All Ways

I just came home from a wonderful concert put on by Steve Bell with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. What a great performance they put on! The music exquisite, the songs rich in depth and meaning and the presence of the Lord sweet. How can you get any better than that! As I drove home IContinue reading “His Dwelling Place, Always and in All Ways”