By Jesus Christ

By BELIEVING Him, you will come to know the WAY,
By TRUSTING Him, you will know unfathomable peace.

By HEARING Him, you come to know His voice,
By KNOWING His voice, you will always know the way.

By OBEYING Him, you will come to know the TRUTH,
By KNOWING Him, Who is the TRUTH, you will be set free!

By LOVING Him, you will be able to love others too.
By LOVING others, they will experience His love.

By DYING to yourself, you will receive His LIFE,
By LIVING His life, you will overcome death.

By SEEKING Him, you will gain a deeper revelation of Himself,
By SEEING Him, you will be transformed into His very likeness.

By ABIDING in Him, you will become fruitful,
By being FRUITFUL, you will glorify His name!

By GLORIFYING His name, others will come to know Him too!


Published by T.E.M.

Married for 39 years with 4 kids, I own and operate ProVision Graphics Inc. providing Video, Graphics, Animation, Commercial Photography and Web Site Development to satisfied clients since 1998.

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