About Me

My Portrait

I am married to a gorgeous lady, Deanna Lynn, who is the love of my life and together we are raising 2 boys and 2 girls in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We enjoy deep friendship and fellowship with a small house-church group on an on-going basis, but have many more brothers and sisters, friends and family abroad. My life is rich with God’s blessings and I thank Him daily for His working in my life!My wife Deanna

I run a small business in Video, Graphics, Multimedia & Photography which not only keeps me very busy serving my clientele, but the variety of things I find myself involved in provides tremendous opportunities for serving and ministering to others with the talents and understanding God has graciously given me. Keep your eye on this blog/site for photos, stories and insights as I endeavor to share bits and pieces of my life’s experiences and growing revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope you enjoy my blog and will respond with your comments and feedback!

Tim  : )


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Tim, bless you
    The site looks great
    The comment sections though are small & hard to read…or maybe I need a bigger screen !?

  2. Hi there, love the pictures and what you have done. Please addme to your site.

  3. My,My am I priviledged to be the first in 2011 to comment? Either way, keep up the reaching out to those in the wilderness my brother.

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